We have been having some problems when we run T3s, therefore I thought I would post a short summery of the directions. We run a total of 5 T3s to get max benefit of 400 Influence, as well as some other rewards like Refine Points, Companion Gear, ect.

When I or any other alliance member hosts T3s (Tier 3 heroic encounters) on the Stronghold map please FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.

The host will call out the name (full or shortened) of the Heroic Encounter and all on the map head there (just outside the area). When ALL players have arrived the host will give the "KILL" order. Only after this order do we actually start fighting.

On the T3s with only 2 enemies (Giants, No Sympathy, and Beholders) we use "at-will" abilities only. This way all participants receive credit. If there is any question on this point please ask the host.

Below is a map with all the locations of the Tier 3 Heroic Encounters on the Stronghold map.

If there are any questions please feel free to ask, we are here to help each other. :)


Basic Neverwinter Game Acronyms

I know for some of the newer players and a few of the players that have come back all the acronyms being tossed around in Alliance Chat are hard to keep up with. For you and any others that might be wondering what it all means I give you all this.

RAD- Rough Astral Diamonds
AD- Refined Astral Diamonds (Spendable)
AH- Auction House
RP- Refine Points
HE- Heroic Encounter
BHE- Big Heroic Encounter
T3- Tier 3 Heroic Encounter (Stronghold Map)
DR- Dragon Run (Well of Dragons Map)
DF- Dragon Flight (Stronghold Map)
ME- Master Expedition
MC- Malabog’s Castle
VT- Validra’s Tower
CN- Castle Never
KR- Kessell’s Retreat
SOT or eSOT- Shores of Tuern
eLOL- Lair of Lostmauth or epic Lair of Lostmauth
TOS or eTOS- Temple of the Spider Queen
CC or eCC- epic Cragmire Crypt
GWD or eGWD- Gray Wolf Den
FBI- Fangbreaker Island
MSP- Master Spellplague Caverns
ToNG- Tomb of the Nine Gods
CR- Castle Ravenloft
IG- Illusionist’s Gambit
ToDG- Throne of the Dwarven Gods
PoM- Prophecy of Madness
MPF- Mechant Prince Folly
MBH- Manycoins Bank Hiest
Tia- Rise of Tiamat
Demo- Demogorgon
eDemo- Master Demogorgon
SVA- Assault on Swardborg
mSVA- master Assault on Swardborg
CODG- Cradle of the Death God
LoMM- Lair of the Mad Mage

I know there are many more but I hope this list is enough to give you a general idea of what is going on. If you should happen to see one that is not listed or you might not know please feel free to ask about it in alliance chat.