Quote of the Week Contest


This is the answer to last weeks Quotes Contest:

"I have discovered something valuable. Are your worthy enough to claim it?" Bradda the Sage @ Protectors Enclave

Giana was, once again, the lucky winner of the Quotes contest for which she receive an Ultimate Mark of Potency.

This weeks Quote is:
"Have I told you I'm a genius?"

Enjoy the contest and good luck!

Have fun!

So You Want to Do Masterwork Professions...

The following videos will help you begin Masterwork Professions to help assist you in raising astral diamonds for your toons.  For assistance in starting a profession, consult with Feygorn of Neverwinter Geeks.  The Geeks also have the Explorers Hall that significantly increases your ability to raise resources for your chosen profession.

Neverwinter Making Money 401 - Mastercrafting



Join the Neverwinter NPC Quotes Game AND Guild Raffle!

The MoTD (Message of the Day) will be a random quote from a NPC (Non-Player Character) somewhere in the game.  The NPC that is quoted must be able to be talked to (“F”) to get the quote.

All you have to do is send a in-game e-mail to Haelirin@the2tall containing the name of the person that says it and their location.

We also ask that you add a number from 1 to 1,000. 

As long as the answer is correct, the closest number t one the previously selected by Haelririn wins the weekly grand prize. There will also be prizes for the 3 closest numbers.

You may only enter 1 time a day per account, but are encouraged to enter everyday.

There will be a new quote on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All answers must be received no later than 12PM ET than the following day.

Prizes will be awarded on Sunday.

All previous quotes with the name of the person that says it and there location -- will be posted on this blog.

We have 17 quotes so each player has many opportunities to win!

Good luck and have fun!



Profile of A Great Tank

Below is a list of invaluable attributes of a great tank:

  • A great tank always has top aggro on all targets that they are assigned to tank, and not on any other targets.
  • A great tank has excellent reaction time in picking up new mobs, before these mobs attack other raid members.
  • A great tank has excellent reaction time on taunting back targets that they lose aggro of (which happens to everyone at one time or another).
  • A great tank is intimately familiar with all the fight mechanics, and because of this, knows when and where to move, and when and how to use their defensive (and sometimes offensive) cooldowns.
  • A great tank understands the various positional requirements of (especially melee) DPS players, and does a good job at minimizing their movement and downtime.
  • A great tank has the qualities of a leader, and is not shy to step up and take control of the group.
  • In addition to this, as tanks are the drivers of the party or raid group, a tank who is able to set a fast pace will make the dungeon or raid go extremely smoothly and quickly.


Guild Update


We have 2 new Guild Master, first Dusk and second Haelerin. Both have served the Guild in many many ways. Their efforts and contributions have been invaluable for Ghost Templars and shows that both take the well being of the Guild to their heart.  For those qualities the Council of Templars has promoted them to Guild Master.

Congratulation to you Dusk and to you Haelerin!


We don't need INFLUENCE anymore so please donate all your Influence (including Voucher from Strongboxes) to the new Helm Guild Ruathym Corsairs.

We are now in the position to help other Guilds progressing there Stronghold. That means everything what is not marked as red in our own Coffer can be donated to other Guilds, preferably to the Helm Guild.


All Recruits have to visit our Blog
Please follow the instructions given there to become a full member of Ghost Templars.

The purpose is not to populate our Blog even though we want to promote it, the reason is to educate new Player about Dragonflights which are major Alliance Raids on the Stronghold map and to give Player access to valuable information about the Game.