Profile of A Great Tank

Below is a list of invaluable attributes of a great tank:

  • A great tank always has top aggro on all targets that they are assigned to tank, and not on any other targets.
  • A great tank has excellent reaction time in picking up new mobs, before these mobs attack other raid members.
  • A great tank has excellent reaction time on taunting back targets that they lose aggro of (which happens to everyone at one time or another).
  • A great tank is intimately familiar with all the fight mechanics, and because of this, knows when and where to move, and when and how to use their defensive (and sometimes offensive) cooldowns.
  • A great tank understands the various positional requirements of (especially melee) DPS players, and does a good job at minimizing their movement and downtime.
  • A great tank has the qualities of a leader, and is not shy to step up and take control of the group.
  • In addition to this, as tanks are the drivers of the party or raid group, a tank who is able to set a fast pace will make the dungeon or raid go extremely smoothly and quickly.


Guild Update


We have 2 new Guild Master, first Dusk and second Haelerin. Both have served the Guild in many many ways. Their efforts and contributions have been invaluable for Ghost Templars and shows that both take the well being of the Guild to their heart.  For those qualities the Council of Templars has promoted them to Guild Master.

Congratulation to you Dusk and to you Haelerin!


We don't need INFLUENCE anymore so please donate all your Influence (including Voucher from Strongboxes) to the new Helm Guild Ruathym Corsairs.

We are now in the position to help other Guilds progressing there Stronghold. That means everything what is not marked as red in our own Coffer can be donated to other Guilds, preferably to the Helm Guild.


All Recruits have to visit our Blog
Please follow the instructions given there to become a full member of Ghost Templars.

The purpose is not to populate our Blog even though we want to promote it, the reason is to educate new Player about Dragonflights which are major Alliance Raids on the Stronghold map and to give Player access to valuable information about the Game.



Council of Templars Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2018

There was a quorum of members.  Perseus and Lia were not able to attend.

Fennik led the meeting. He thanked the members for their hard work in helping make GT a level 20 guild with a nearly completed Stronghold.  All that is left to complete are support structures which will be built as resources are made available via coffer donations. Guild members will be asked not to contribute influence to our coffer but instead donate it to the new helm guild, RC.

Fennik noted that GT has stepped down as the Alliance helm guild and RC has taken our place.  Therefore, the Alliance is now known as the Ruathym Corsairs Alliance. GT now has a gauntlet position.  Discussion ensued as to why InSanes left the Alliance. Fennik reported that their guildmaster, Ishtar, was not happy with the direction in which the Alliance was moving in organizing itself as a more efficient and effective council. Xerxes reported that Ishtar contacted him about their leaving and suggested that language problems and cultural differences were also part of the reason why they left. Xerxes noted the need for GT members to be sensitive to cultural differences and language barriers by speaking slowly on TS and by not using colloquialisms in written and spoken communications.

Fennik reported that GTBank is functioning well and that the guild has many resources and Astral Diamonds on hand. He requested that Xerxes continue to use his luck in opening lockboxes using the daily VIP key.

Mrs Toons, guild banker, noted that the guild bank is often difficult to keep clean as she can only move a certain almount of articles from one repository tab to another in any given day.  Therefore, Fennik will change the bank settings so marshalls will be able to move or remove more items each day.

Dusk was thanked for his consistent service to the guild as a Battlemaster.

Xerxes noted that he stepped down as co-Grand Master for personal reasons. However, he will continue to serve the guild as needed as a Marshall by maintaining the guild blog and other duties as requested by the guildmasters.

Elections were held in which Dusk and Haelirin were elected by unanimous vote as co-Grand Masters along with Fennik. Fennik requested that the new GM's promote their own alt characters to rank 7 status to avoid the accidental promotion of other toons which could place the guild in jeopardy of being hijacked by an outsider.

Xerxes noted that the guild is very active with a full roster of active members. He will continue to maintain the roster and recruit new members. He reported that the New Member Code on the guild blog has been effective in introducing new recruits to the blog and in learning how to participate in a dragonflight.  Xerxes requested that new members be of 10K+ IL and that they have "good" gear; meaning that they have their enchant slots filled, have appropriate artifacts and artifact gear, etc.  Fennik expressed concern that we do not become an "elitist" guild.  Xerxes noted the need to make sure that interested players are not bots or "merchants" as they usually do not have good gear and a higher item level. The members agreed that we will not become an elitist guild; however they approved this proposal.

Xerxes also noted that the guild calendar only contains two daily dragonflight events. He suggested that the calendar show the weekly events that are usually conducted by the guild. Dusk and Haelirin agreed to work with Xerxes in developing the guild calendar as a way to show new members that we are indeed a very active guild and so that members may plan for these events in advance. The MOTD will announce daily events to enhance participation.

The meeting ended with all Council members congratulating Dusk and Haelirin on their election as guildmasters.

The next meeting is Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 2PM EDT.

Respectfully submitted,


GT Finishes Stronghold and Hands Over Alliance Helm Position to RC


We finally are a rank 20 Guild with maxed out PVE Boons and a rank 10 Marketplace.
All other Structures are secondary and will be ranked up over time.

The Sorcerer Towers at each entrance to our Stronghold were build purely out of asthetic reasons and are my personal icing on the cake. I was happy like a little kid while watching them being constructed.

A big THANK YOU to each and every guild and alliance member for banding together to help build up our glorious Guild Stronghold!

Being done also means WE DON'T NEED INFLUENCE ANYMORE!  So please donate all your Influence to our alliance friends Ruathym Corsairs to help them build there Boon Structures as well.

Since we are done with our Stronghold we are stepping down from the Alliance Helm position and making room for the next guild in line which is Ruathym Corsairs.

For that purpose the Alliance will be restructured Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 7:30pm ET (1:30am central Europe). After disbanding we will reform the Alliance with some changes and on Monday, August 13, everything should be back to normal.



New Member Code Policy


We've had some problems with our daily Dragonflight and T3 influence runs because new recruits do not know how to participate correctly.

Therefore, new recruits must go to the blog, click on the New Members menu page, and follow directions to the Dragonflight page. At the bottom of the Dragonflight page can be found the NEW MEMBERS CODE. New recruits are to send the code via in-game mail to Xerxes@fidelis#5885 to show that they have viewed the blog.

Promotion from Recruit to Templar rank depends on sending the proper code to Xerxes. 

This will take effect immediately. Current recruits must send the code to Xerxes in order to be promoted after their probation period has ended.

Thank your for your participation.

All the best,