Saturday, September 16, 2017

Alliance Council September 3rd 2017 Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting of the Alliance Council
September 3, 2017 On Teamspeak

The meeting began at 4PM ET immediately following the Alliance Warlock Seminar.

Fennik noted that there have been repeated episodes of Alliance members using Alliance chat to solicit party members for dungeon raids requiring specific gearing or item level of the participants. After much discussion, the leaders agreed to this resolution: Alliance members who organize a dungeon raid on Alliance chat may only request the basic Cryptic requirments for item or gear.

Xerxes reported that a member on Alliance Teamspeak was using a vulgar phonetic names. The members agreed that Alliance chat users are not permitted to use vulgar phonetic names. The guildmaster of the person using the name is to be informed and requested to rectify the situation.

The above two items are to be included in the Alliance Etiquette Guidelines which will be remailed to every guild leader for distribution to guild members.

Xerxes presented the schedule of upcoming Alliance Seminars: Oct 1: Healing Seminar; Nov 5: Hunter Ranger Seminar; Dec 3: Wizard Seminar. A discussion ensued about the moderators for seminars on GWF and TR. Xerxes will work with guild leaders to ascertain appropriate moderators for these 2018 seminars.

Fennik reported that in order to increase end-game play by Alliance members, he or Vol'jin will organize a weekend MSVA run with assistance from other end-game players. In this way, five or six virgin MSVA Alliance members will be able to complete the instance each time.

Feygorn began a discussion on the possibility of the Helm guild being changed each time it reaches level 20 so lower level guilds will have an opportunity to utilize the development bonuses that permit a guild to rank up faster.  After much discussion, the leaders decided to table action on the matter for five months.

The next meeting will be held on Sunday, Nov 6th at 2PM EDT on TS.

The meeting ended at 4:48PM ET.

Respectfully submitted,
Alliance Secretary

Saturday, September 2, 2017

New Templar Happenings....

Meeting of the Council of Templars
For both Ghost Templars and Spirit Templars
Friday, September 1, 2017 on Teamspeak

Xerxes opened the meeting at 2:10PM by asking Fennik to give a Stronghold Report.  Fennik, who gave an Alliance seminar on Stronghold Development on August 6th and 20th, indicated that we are currently working on the Rank 16 guildhall which should be ready to be upgraded by September 10th. He noted that we will most likely become a level 20 guild in late 2018.

Concerning recruitment, John noted that we are not actively recruiting at this time; however, both ST and GT will accept members who request admittance. Ghost Templars must leave room for Spirit Templars who request a transfer to GT. Xerxes said that there are approximtely 142 Ghost Templars and 88 Spirit Templars.

In his Report on the Spirit Templars, Haelirin requested help in completing the ST rank 6 Guildhall. The Council agreed to help ST finish the guildhall once GT reaches rank 16. To permit acceptance of new members into ST and lessen the flow of transfers to GT, Xerxes suggested that GT once again have an item level requirement for admittance to GT. The Council decided not to act on the matter. Haelirin suggested that the ST bank be reformatted according to character level and the Council agreed to do so.

Perseus reported that the daily 1:30PM ET Dragonflight is well-attended and that Dusk has been organzing impromptu daily Dragonflights at 7:30AM and 11:30 AM ET. The Council agreed to make these events offical Templar Dragonflights whereby the Templars will now have three daily activities. Haelirin reported that he will continue to arrange Marauder Events throughout the week so members can farm Influence for Stronghold development.

Concerning the Alliance, Xerxes gave the schedule of Alliance Seminars: Sept 3rd - Warlock Builds; October 1st - Devoted Clerics; November 5th - Hunter Rangers and December 3rd - Control Wizards. After discussing some etiquette issues within the Alliance, the Council agreed to ask the Alliance Council to add two new Etiquette Guidelines: 1) Persons who promote dungeon or skirmish runs in public chat must accept any Alliance member who wishes to join the party that meets the official Cryptic event requirements; and 2) Persons on Teamspeak may not use vulgar character names - a guideline to be enforced by Xerxes, the Server owner.

As Dr Death was not present, a report was not given on the crafting program.  However, Xerxes reported that Thyra is sending all the CraftieBank items to him, Dr Death, and Fennik.  He also reported that Craftie Bank has over 354K Astral Diamonds. The Council agreed that this AD is to be used to purchase Strongbox keys. Xerxes and Fennik will meet with Dr Death to discuss the implementation of the New GT member gift program.

As there was no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:45PM ET.  The next meeting of the Council of Templars is on Friday, October 6th, at 2PM ET.

Respectfully submitted,

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Upcoming Neverwinter Changes

Neverwinter Templars,

Cryptic is coming out with some major changes, below is just a small part to whet your appetite.  Click the READ MORE AT ARC link at the end to see the whole article.  There are some really cool, nice changes, and some that will cause distress (see bonding stones).  Enjoy!

Why the change?

Refinement is a core part of Neverwinter gameplay, but a lot of the time it could feel like it was weighing down on you as a player. The pure number of items that needed to be held on to, the matching bonuses, the different reagents for different artifact types, and yes the hoarding of items until the 2x Refinement Points weekends to maximize the gains. In the end it felt more like a chore that had to be done than a fun part of the game where the player kept making progress.

For new players, the system is overwhelmingly complicated. They don't know what enchantments to use as food, what to hold, what to look for, and we wanted to make that experience far easier for players to figure out. On top of all of that, there hasn't been any major additions to the system in a long time. We took a hard look at all of this and came up with a plan to improve it in multiple ways.

Refinement Points

Having to match enchantments, stones, and types of items created a massive amount of inventory to maintain and organize. In the end, this doesn't add to the experience as much as it takes away from it all. So we did just that, took it all away. Now players will use Refinement Points (thought you might like to keep your acronym) which will be a currency. Gemstones, Enchantments, Runestones, Artifacts, Artifact Equipment, Uncommon (Green) Equipment (must be identified), will all break down into Refinement Points which will be a currency on the inventory sheet. All of the refining will use Refinement Points for upgrades, along with reagents of course. This means you no longer have to manage all of those different item types and dread looking at your inventory or bank. You can just break it all down into a simple currency that all items share.

To go along with this we have a new conversion window that has some easy options to input all of the different convertible items that you want to break down into Refinement Points in one simple click. In addition, any item which can be converted, can be by using the drop down menu for that item. The refinement upgrade window will now have a nice clean interface where the player can slide a bar to determine how many Refinement Points they wish to add to the item. This bar will default at either the amount needed for the next level, or the maximum a player can deposit if less than a full level as we felt that is the most common action players would do. On top of that, you can now put in the full amount of RP needed to level up and upgrade all in a single button press. Nice and quick and easy!

And you may have noticed how I mentioned Identified Uncommon Equipment can be turned into RP and thought "Man, identifying all of my green drops will be such a pain!", well we are also adding an Identify All button which will take your ID scrolls and identify all the unidentified items in your inventory with one click.

Now because we switched to a currency and want to try for manageable amounts of currency. We reduced both the value of RP points of the items and the cost to upgrade items by a factor of 10. Example a black opal now awards 1,000 RP, but costs are lowered by the same factor as well. To be very clear, this does not change the cost of refinement at all! This simply reduces the values all around so we can keep the currency lower and have room for players to hold plenty of currency and grow the system in the future. We will give the exact progression charts in the technical details post as well so that you can all see for yourselves how it will be functioning.


Additional helpful links

Refinement Technical Details

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Double Refinement Resource

Thank you to Not Worth Killing for providing a new resource link.  On the right margin, you will now see a "Double Refinement" link".  Note that it addresses artifact feeding, enchantments, stronghold costs, etc.  Awesome find, thank you for sharing NWK!

Go to Resources =========== >>>

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Seminar on Stronghold Development II

Figure 1: Millabout Market on Neverembers Lackey's


The second Seminar on Stronghold Development is focused on strategies for dealing with the most common resource bottlenecks you will encounter during your stronghold progression.  Those resources are Influence, Shards of Power, Surplus Equipment, Gems and Campaign Currencies.

All of these resources can be acquired by playing the avialable content of Neverwinter. But since there is a significant diffrence in playstyle for PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player) Content in this Game alot of Player will hesitate to experience the full scale of Neverwinter and therefore cut them self off of options to earn the afore mentioned resources. 

Stronghold Chests

Cryptic is of course offering Items in the Zen Store to speed up the Stronghold Development process with real money or with exchanged Astral Diamonds. Those Items are the Stronghold Starter Pack for 3500 Zen and the Stronghold Chest of Power for 300 Zen. The Starter Pack also includes the Stronghold Chest of Campaigns..
Both, the Chest of Power and the Chest of Campaigns can be purchased from the Auction House as well.
A good price for the Chest of Power is x < 150.000 AD and for the Chest of Campaigns it is x < 50.000 AD.

The Stronghold Chest of Power will give you 100 of each Shards of Power (Heroic-, Adventurer-, Dungeoneer-, Conqueror-) for a total of 400 Shards. That amount is doubled during a 2x Shard of Power Event.

The Stronghold Chest of Campaigns will give you your choice  of 5 Major Vouchers for one of the campaign currencies or 5 Major Influence Voucher.

With the Guild Marks you'll receive from donating the Items from the Chest to your Coffer and a clever Guild Mark Management you can also make more Astral Diamonds back than you initialy spend on the Stronghold Chests.


... is probably the most important resource overall since it is required in every Guild Hall and Boon Structure upgrade. Influence is exclusivly earned from PvE content.
Find a List of Influence sources below.
  • Companion Stronghold's Cleric => +10%  Influence gain (To be confirmed!)
  • 400 Influence per Character per day from Heroic Encounter on the Stronghold Map
  • 600 Influence per Character per week from the Stronghold Marauders Event
  • 20-100 Influence from the daily Boon Structure Quests, depends on the Rank of the Structure
  • 2000 Influence from the Strongbox of Influence, is a rare reward from Dragonflights. ALWAYS open them with a Strongbox Key (6-10k AD on the Auction House)
  • 18.000 Influence per week from The Recruiter (temporary Structure)

Shards of Power

There are 4 different types of those Shards and they can be earned by completing the Stronghold Quests and some Campaign Tasks. Find a List below (values are for Level 70 Character).

Heroic Shards of Power
  • 10 Shards from The Builder daily Quest
  • 10 Shards for the first Tier 3 Heroic Encounter on the Stronghold Map every day
Adventurer's Shards of Power
  • 10 Shards form The Master of Coin daily Quest
  • 10 Shards from The Ranger daily Quest
Dungeoneer Shards of Power
  • 20 Shards form The Cleric Skirmish and Dungeon Dailies
  • 2 Shards from the Elemental Evil Campaign for completing 3 Heroic Encounter daily in each of the 4 Zones. Choice between Dungeoneer and Conqueror Shards.You spend to much time on that for to little Rewards.
  • 10 Shards from the Maze Engine Campaign for completing five times the Daily Quest. Choice between Dungeoneer and Conqueror Shards
Conqueror's Shards of Power
  • 10 Shards form The Master of Coin Quest "Fight to the Finish". This was a big problem for PvE focused Guilds since the quest goal is to win a PvP match which is not an easy task for alot of PvE Player. BUT with Mod 12 we received the option to form a Private PvP Que. Winning a private match will give no rewards but will complete the Quest "Fight to the Finish". So simply form a Private PvP Que (1vs.1, up to 5vs.5). In the first round Team one wins and in the rematch Team 2. If people want to fight they can do it off the Nodes. The fun will take a total of roughly 10 minutes and everyone will receive their daily 10 Conqueror's Shards.
A Big Thanks goes out to Tim, Guild Master from Critical Attack for shaing this Method with the Alliance.
  • 2 Shards from the Elemental Evil Campaign for completing 3 Heroic Encounter daily in each of the 4 Zones. Choice between Dungeoneer and Conqueror Shards.You spend to much time on that for to little Rewards.
  • 10 Shards from the Maze Engine Campaign for completing five times the Daily Quest. Choice between Dungeoneer and Conqueror Shards 

Surplus Equipment also a valuable resource and is required for the majority of Stronghold Structures. Donating Surplus Equipment can in your personal Astral Diamond gains since Epic salvageable Items are a good source for Surplus Equipment. Find a List of alternatives below.

  • Epic Salvageable Items will give 810 Surplus Equip, but you lose the RAD by donating it
  • Rare Salvageable Items will give 20 Surplus Equip, not worth donating get the AD instead
  • Green level 70 Items will give 5 Surplus Equip, if you have enough Bag space go for it.
  • Drops from Quartermaster enchantments, Spoils of War will Give 350 Surplus Equip, Abandoned Gear will give 150 Surplus Equip 
  • 4850 Surplus Equip from the Strongbox of Surplus Equipment, is a rare reward from Dragonflights. ALWAYS open them with a Strongbox Key (6-10k AD on the Auction House)
  • various Professions can craft Crates of Surplus Equipment

Gems and Jewelcrafting

To increase your Gemstorage for Stronghold Structures you can feed enchantments, runestones and insignias to your Coffer. But the Gemvalue for these is compared to their AD value and their Refinement points very low. For Example a rank 7 Enchant/Runestone is only worth 100 Gems and we need hundreds of thousands of Gems. Therefore donating Enchants, Runestones and Insignias to the Coffer is not a very efficient way to a mass Gems for your Stronghold Projects. Find a List of Options below.

  • Enchants/Runstones Rank 5 = 50 Gems, Rank 7 = 100 Gems, Rank 12 = 45.000 Gems, that is worth alot of Astral Diamonds
  • Insignias Blue = 50 Gems, donate the Character Bound Insignias you get from running Dungeons and don't fit your needs
  • 1800 Gems from the Strongbox of Gems, is a rare reward from Dragonflights. ALWAYS open them with a Strongbox Key (6-10k AD on the Auction House)
  • 24.000 Gems per week from The Gemcutter (temporary Structure)
As you can see the Gemcutter is your best Bet for Gems, but there is another option which can generate theoratically 47.000 Gems per week per Character.


Is a Profession which can be leveled up fairly quickly. It can be used to make AD but more importantly you can craft Crates of Gems with it.


Jewelcrafting Task
Rank unlocked
Leather Strips
Coffer Value
Crates of Uncut Gems
20 Raw Gems
6 hours
80-160 Gems
Crates of Valuable Gems
20 Semi-Precious gems
6 hours
120-240 Gems
Crates of Simple Jewelry
20 Precious Gems
10 Exotic Leather Strips
6 Hours
160-320 Gems
Crates of Precious Jewelry
20 Perfect Gems
10 Aberrant Leather Strips
6 Hours
200-400 Gems

As you can see we can generate up to 1120 Gems every 6 hours, with a Epic Asset it is done in just 4 hours. The listed resources can be bought for Guild Marks from The Atelier and The Tannery. A detailed Guide will be published seperatly.